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We tend to talk about the lifestyle creep for so many things, cars, accommodation and leisurely activities. But what about your beauty regimen? Do you know what the true cost is or are you just freestyling it? 

With so many amazing topical products, and services on the market, it can sometimes feel hard to resist. This article is less about the individual products and services themselves and more about how you can make subtle changes in your life to save some of your coins. I think it’s fair to say we all want to look good for less. So if you would like to find out how to read on.

Idea 1: The Beauty Bill 

Sometimes with beauty, the issue is not with how much you are spending, but with the lack of knowledge around how much you are spending. A beauty bill is a designated amount of money set aside in my budget as I would do any other “necessities”. 

By removing the amount spent on beauty from the general pool of spending money allocated a month, I was able to feel a lot clearer on what it was I was spending. 

It forced me to sit with this number – are you happy to spend that every month I asked myself. By working out the true cost you can start to analyse areas where you can perhaps tighten or loosen the purse strings. 

Idea 2: Discounted Beauty Subscriptions 

If you have one designated beauty professional that you use month in month out, it might be worth asking for a subscription to their services at a discounted rate. 

In this scenario everybody wins, you get an even better value for money service and your treatments are regularly maintained and your beauty therapists have guaranteed income that she knows is coming in every month. 

I did this for a few of my beauty services and I have never looked back.  

Idea 3: Model Days 

Where there’s a will, there is a way. Now, this may not be your regular way of doing things but it can save you a few ££ when you are experimenting with new treatments. 

The truth is everybody has to start somewhere and beauty therapists that are learning how to do new treatments are going to need someone to learn on. So if you are happy to be test subject 1.0, this is a great non-committal way to get a few beauty treatments for free. I would suggest reaching out to a few local salons and asking if you could be put on the list of potential models for training days. 

Idea 4: Shop for Beauty In Bulk 

If you’re more of a D.I.Y gal, which I’m sure lockdown has encouraged a few people to be. Shop for your beauty supplies in bulk, investigate to see if you can perhaps get the products you use in a larger size, this will save you both time and money. 

This can also apply to your daily essentials, such as moisturisers and body wash. As well as your deodorants, and any miscellaneous items such as bath salts.

Idea 4: Be Saavy About Your Day-To-Day Products 

Trying to execute your beauty regimen on a budget, is not to suggest you compromise on quality. In fact, we’re very big on maintaining quality in your life over here at Wellekin.

Instead, have a select few products in your roster that are perhaps a little more expensive but they have a lower cost per use. You can weigh this up by looking at how many weeks the product lasts in comparison to the price. 

Depending on the product, a little can sometimes go a long way in which case the product lasts far longer than its less expensive competitors. 

Idea 5: Go To The Professionals 

Sometimes a professional consultation is just what you need to assess the state of your skin or hair and to tell you what you need to accomplish your end goal. By stabbing around in the dark you can sometimes end up spending more money on products you will never use.

So we would say the main thing is to plan ahead and minimise surprises in your beauty regimen. What are your best tips and tricks for beauty on a budget?

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