how to master your perfect dewy base

Credit where credit is dew! 

For first dates, first days and impromptu drinks with the girls. Glistening and glowing, whether it’s day or night. A healthy dewy base can be the perfect foundation for your full face or even a whole look within itself. 

A dewy foundation base is arguably one of the most useful skills to have in your Makeup skill-bank. If you were wondering how to conquer a dewy base, keep reading. 

Selecting Your Foundation 

A water-based foundation will give you more freedom to build your perfect base layer by layer. Whether you are using a tinted moisturiser or a heavy coverage foundation, ensure that water is listed as one of the first ingredients. 

When going for a dewy look a water-based foundation is vital as it provides the skin with even more hydration throughout the day. Sweating is something that is bound to occur, we’re human! However, with a water-based foundation, there is a better relationship between the skin and the foundation throughout the day. That way if you sweat throughout the day or night, it will gift you the look of radiance as opposed to a melting mess. 

Step 1: Prepping your skin 

It’s probably not rocket science that great skin will grant you a flawless base. However, if this isn’t necessarily what you’re working with you can “cheat” your way to some sort of smooth. 

Ahead of moisturising and priming your face, a quick facial steam will get the blood rushing to your face and give you a natural glow. Following up with a pore-refining mask will get reduce the appearance of large pores giving your that smooth canvas, you crave. 

Adding this extra 20 minutes at the beginning of your makeup routine will smooth out any of your problem areas. It will also provide your skin with an initial glow.

Step 2: Your tools and application 

Start with a brush, and move on to a beauty blender. As the foundation you are using is water-based, feel free to apply the foundation with a wet buffing brush. 

The buffing brush will allow you to control exactly where your foundation goes. Start in the centre of your face; for example, your cheeks, your nose and work your way towards the edges. 

Then, go in with your beauty blender and blend, blend, blend. Typically we would suggest, blending for a minimum of 2-3 minutes. 

Step 3: Set your foundation 

Now you have your flawless glowy base, it’s time to set your base! There are 3 products that will secure your dewy base in place. A translucent powder, a refreshing facial mist and a setting spray. 

Those three products in that order, are the magic formula you need to keep everything in place. All three products should be lightly and evenly applied. 

Remember great skin is always going to make your life a lot easier when you’re trying to achieve a flawless and dewy based. A quality water-based foundation is going to yield you the results you want, as it will provide you with extra hydration throughout the day. The tools you use are going make or break you, whatever you use, ensure they are clean and that you blend blend blend. 

Where are you planning to wear your dewy look?

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  1. Loved this article, never considered applying my water based foundation with a wet buffing brush.
    Thank dew for the tips xx

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