NEW FEATURE ALERT: Instagram Gives You The Option To Hide Likes

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So after years of trials and announcements, on 26th May, the option to hide your likes was finally rolled out on Instagram!

What does this mean for you?

This means you have the choice to display the number of people that have liked your posts on Instagram. You still have access to the data in your insights and can use this as you have been to let you know the content that people may be favouring in comparison to others.

Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur running a business page you will still be able to compare the content that your audience is enjoying the most.

Why have they done this?

Instagram are always looking for ways to enhance their user’s experience. They want to ensure you are enjoying your time creating content for the app and also spend more time using the app too.

As small as it seems, the display of likes can add a lot of pressure to business owners and influencers alike.

The other metrics that we use to measure the popularity of the post against others are hidden, features such as saves and shares. We have been privately able to celebrate these successes without all of the eyes on us! 👀

Therefore, by giving users the options to hide likes, it does take the pressure off 🥵of creating content that has been created with getting a high amount of likes in mind. Instead content creators can focus on creating content that they enjoy and that their followers will enjoy.

How Do I Do It?

If you would like to hide your likes, simply follow the instructions below:

Settings > Privacy > Posts > Hide Likes and View Counts on Post

Will you be hiding your likes on IG?

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